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18+ Only! This game is NSFW!

Development version 3. Please note you may run into bugs.

This is a first person dungeon crawler. Fight monsters, collect items, avoid traps and power up!


Movement - WASD/Arrow keys, Q and E to strafe

Use items - number keys.

Confirm - Spacebar/Enter

X - Wait: Skip movement and map tiles around you.

C - Heal: Recover HP and clothing. This can only be used once after every battle.

Open menu/Cancel - ESC/Backspace

Your save files will not work with this new version since their format has changed.

Version 3 Change Log:

A lot has been added this time, please bear with me if you run into any issues.

  • New enemies, traps and area added.
  • Battle speed increased. your skills will no longer be announced and the time between actions has been reduced.
  • Select enemies now have grapple attacks - the chance of this happening is determined by the amount of LP you have and how long a battle has been going on for. When this happens you will receive continuous damage until you break free, breaking free is quick, simply press the movement keys. You will be released even faster when alternating the keys, and since it's very easy to break free from these they are more of reaction time thing.
  • Clothing loss added, this will happen if you are caught by a trap or grabbed in battle, gameplay will change as such:
    • You will be locked into a special stance that increases the damage of LP skills but reduces HP skills.
    • Your attacks will no longer fail due to too much LP.
    • You and the enemy will both gain LP every turn
    • Strength and defense will be reduced.
    • Weapons cannot be used. if you have one equipped it will be removed, and attempting to use another will toss it.
    • Enemies will be more aggressive and the ones that can grab will do so more often, they won't try to raise your LP.
    • ***It is not recommended to stay nude until you've learned some LP abilities (should you want to). Nevertheless this makes the game much harder, especially in the starting areas.
  • Added new skills and reorganized the level up screen, new abilities will now appear more frequently.
  • Changed the existing LP skills so they are more useful. Taunt now also debuffs the enemy strength stat in addition to increasing enemy LP, and Yell now deals low damage and reduces enemy defense even more.
  • The wait command now also functions as a mapping tool. Using it will reveal minimap tiles you would be able to travel to on your next move. Any tile that can be stepped on can be mapped, tiles that traps or water sit on do not need to be mapped.
  • Heal ability added - It uses 30LP to recover a small amount of HP and repair clothing, you can only use this once after every battle so it's good to be careful. I'm trying this out by giving it an LP cost first, it's possible that it may be free in the future
  • Consumable items like berries/antidote will no longer be capped at 3 turns and will stack if more than one is used. using a different item will still overwrite it.
  • Increased durability of weapons.
  • Added a new status ailment "sticky" - this reduces damage done by HP skills.
  • The steel panties item now has multiple uses and will also protect you in battle from being grabbed.
  • Getting at least 90% completion on a map will now increase the strength and defense stats.
  • Power fruit has been split into two different items for strength and defense.
  • The menu now has some config options. trap animations can be toggled, encounter rate frequency can be set and the BGM/SFX volume can be adjusted. Adjustments made to the encounter rate take place after the next battle.
  • Overall difficulty increased throughout. Also, with the new clothing loss mechanic the starting areas can be pretty unforgiving, prioritize your LP to use heal if you're having trouble. The first boss is now also more dangerous.


More information

Published183 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreRole Playing
Average durationA few minutes


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Played V2 almost to the end and it was great. Saw you had V3 up and DL'd. The new power of the enemies past door 1 is WAY too high. They do significantly more damage, have status ailments (4hp poison is 15-20% max hp a turn....), and can take your clothes off. Clothes off mode would be fine if you could still use stances or if there was some counter-play, but short of that it's just far too big of a debuff.

As the game stands right now you have to grind out eye dudes in the starting area just so that you don't die to the first monster once you go through the FIRST door.

Suggestions: tone down the damage of the early monsters and allow stances in, or counter-play to nude mode.

Hey, yeah some players have trouble with the sudden jump in difficulty and I'll adjust it. If you take your time in the starting area to get your free first upgrade and stat upgrade by mapping 90% of the area, it's more manageable. You can also get some herbs from the Goos.

Thanks for playing!

i got to 33 hp and got the chest and 100% map and started to b unable to lower my lp fast enough, then my last fight with eye goo and i couldnt hit it had 100 lp and no matter how many turns i used to hit it shed b "overwhelmed by lewdness" and id recover 15+ lp after first aid so i couldnt get out of lewd stance, cant defeat anything if u cant even hit it. :/

Hey, are you using the heal command outside of battle? It lowers LP by 30. Also first-aid cost 12 LP and you start with it. You shouldn't be reaching 100LP if you use all your tools.

I didn't even know you got a free stat for doing 90% of the area. Should be added to the info ninja.

Deleted post

Gallery mode will eventually be in the game!

I downloaded it first, then payed for it... version 3, got through the ice area. FUN stuff... After playing through the whole thing in one sitting, gave you a good $10 for it. I would like some more direct sexual content on some of the enemies -- like the bandit -- There seems to be a bunch of enemies who will only do lewd things if you have clothes on. Be nice for some cumshots somewhere as well, it's all just teasing right now. Otherwise, it's great so far, good job!


Thanks for the support, I appreciate it. I'm trying to add more content in that regard so keep an eye out.

YAY. ^_^ Thank you. I will throw a few more $$$ for updates. o3o I love the traps too... the hypno masturbation trap is awesome, the noises your character makes are sexy as heck. I wondered at first, if the levels were randomly generated, but found out they were not, later. o3o

Just did a full review of the last build I played of the game! I hope I can send more fans your way! Looking forward to the finished product!


Really cool, thanks a ton for the video! Hope you take a look at the finished game too!

Of course!

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Excelent game, spent like 2-3 hours on this before finishing, played both the v2 and v3. I will be donating as soon as i fix my credit card, this is one of the best hentai games i have played so far, and i have played a lot(most of them).

Do you have a patreon? If you don't, should create one, i would happily donate every month.

Here's what a liked from the new version:

-V2 combat was way to easy, not very dinamic, your new idea of the grapple attacks\cloth loss was insanely smart, now you have to think twice before letting your LP raise.

-Game's length has increased a lot, every stage\map has something new and that keeps the game exciting.

-Map system greatly improved gameplay, now we don't have to memorize the stage so we don't get lost.

-Battle speed increase was nice as well, the only thing that I didn't like was that the animation from the "Raise LP atacks" from the monsters faded to quickly so we don't have time to "appreciate it".

Suggestions for future updates


--Yell skill is bit to powerfull, should nerf it a little bit.

--Uppercut skill is bit to powerfull, should nerf it a little bit.

--Heat skill should make the player vulnerable for next turn since it has a great bennefit(lowering your lp by 30).

--Defensive Stance's Hp regen should be nerfed as well.

--Ofensive Stance's second hit damage is to strong.

--The Normal Stance's kinda useless since the others stances are way much better.

--Monters should still use "Raise LP Attacks" even if you have no clothes, but do damage to HP instead of LP when you are naked.

--Bosses need to be stronger and i would enjoy if some of them had Lewd attacks.

--Maybe implement combat against two enemys at the same time?


--Map should show walls\inacessible areas and have a icon for when you find a door.

--Main character should have a "Level" and your HP should increase only whith it(not gaining 1 HP after every battle).

--Monsters should get a little stronger as player level increases(fightning the same monster should get easier every time, but not as easy as it is right now, they should get a minor powerup).

--The game needs a gallery, going back in the game just to see a especific animation again is boring.

--Itens should not grant permanent stat increase, stats should be harder to achieve.


--How about hidden traps on walls?


Thanks so much and for the feedback! I take every comment into consideration. Hopefully some of that stuff is addressed in the next version. I think I can add one trap that will do anal for those that want to see that.

I don't have a patreon.

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Hey Dev,

I agree to this, I used Normal stance all through the game and even though it was complicated at first, gaining 1HP per battle gives you a BIG upper hand against the rest of the game. The only thing I don't agree with is the 'enemies getting weaker' (or I think that's what he meant), I rather them have a health or attack boost if you kill to many, this will let you be wary on what 'encounter' you choice. If you defeat enemies, by defeating (for example), 5 - 10 of the same opponent, this opponent will receive a boost.

The one thing I wanted to add to the list is, Difficulty, you should have a choice at the beginning on both the encounter and the difficulty meaning you can have hard enemies and low encounter or the other way round, or even make your life hell by setting it to hard with high encounter (what should also add extra items and special scenes). Edit: you cannot change this after starting.

Well I hop this helps, i like the style of the game (not because its NSFW but because its pretty good), the only thing it needs is a story.... not sure how but there must be a reason why this dungeon is here... just a thought.


I've been playing this game since I saw it on LewdJam. Love what you're doing. Thing is, the penalty for losing your clothes is REALLY harsh. I mean, second area, i lose my clothe, I'm dead. And yet, Itruly enjoy seeing the cjaracter in the nude T_T

More seriously though. I know it's supposed to make the game more challenging but this makes it near impossible to progress.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Hey AnonLurks! The beginning area may be a bit over-tuned so here are some tips.

  • Take offensive stance as your first upgrade and use it to fight the Goo's, they drop herbs.
  • Following that, take the HP+5 and Strength+3
  • Map at least 90% of the first map to get your first stat upgrade

If you do this the next few maps should be no problem for you. It's good to take things slow at the start.

I plan on expanding the starting area to ease the player in a bit better. Hope this helps you, and thanks.


Any chance you might consider doing a Linux version?

It's possible, but I don't have a linux machine to do any testing on. I'll have to look into it, so perhaps when the game is more complete.

Pretty cool game, cute visuals, nice concept for balancing the LP. didn't play it that long, is this complete?

Wish there was some "negative" lingering effect, that would be a nice touch.

Thanks! No it's not complete, I'm actively working on it. I'm doing a lot of rebalancing and adding something akin to a negative effect that you're suggesting for the next update.

This is great. I saw this featured on lewd gamer and got interested! Love the cute artstyle and can't wait to see if you expand more on this, gameplay is fun and there are many enemies and different approachable tactics. Great work! ^^

Thanks so much!

Digging this game so far! Just came here to post that I seem to have found a spot out of bounds:

I took a pic while turning to show some context. I think it was on the third floor down?

Yeah, I see it, just fixed it and it seems to be only that one tile so no biggie. It should be fine in later builds.

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Impressive gameplay depth! Lewdest Labyrinth is the final and longest-covered lewdjam game in my video about it:

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I really just want to say that I played a little bit ago, didn't have an account at the time but I have on now (cause it's soooo much easier to find games and watch for updates this way) and I loved your game. (The rest is just me adding to the discussion I read from earlier comments.)

I noticed others mentioned something about running from battle, and they're right the battles can get tedious but how about instead of running from battle with a skill the skill triggers a sex scene and consume all LP (requiring 50+ to use or some such) but has some sort of detrimental effect, if combined with the other idea I saw where too high lp becomes detrimental it could actually lower maximum LP for a certain amount of time, making it easier to hit that limit while reducing the amount you have to use. It'd be kinda cool to see a game where even your ability to flee from combat has to actually be thought about rather than just spamming it. Also it's something perhaps eh I don't know if its cliche or not but it'd be cool to see some kind of persistent effect if you run into tentacle traps too many times, like persistent tentacles that might distract in combat but might allow some sort of benefit at the same time.

Just throwing out ideas here feel free to ignore and all ^_^ Your game is awesome even in alpha state and I can't wait to see what else happens in this!

Hey! Thanks for the comment, glad you like the game.

I'm still working on a way to handle running from battle, it may end up being a skill, not sure yet. I'm working on another version so check the blog for updates! I post progress there.


Just finished streaming the demo tonight. My fans loved it! Would love to help you promote this or in anyway make this see the finished product! My youtube channel. Hit me up! https://www.youtube.com/user/NSFWGamerVids

Amazing work its awesome!

That's awesome! Thanks so much. I'm surprised you were able to stream something with lewd content. Watching you play actually helped me figure out some things I need to change.

Best way to help right now is to spread the word so I can get more feedback to improve the game.

Consider it done :) and let me know when you got some more concrete beta of the game and send it over. Il give it a full review and plug! Amazing work!

This demo was fun! I think this is a good base for you guys to work on for the future. I think the lewd concept could be more explored too. Like while LP can be used for special attacks, but if it gets too high, then you have to spend a turn to masturbate or something so you have to careful to not have enemies increase your LP to fast. It could even be a status like poison where you constantly gain LP from an aphrodisiac or something. Another idea might be to have enemies be able to be defeated by too much LP so if you taunted enough they would be left in a horny state that the player can then trigger a sex scene with. Just some ideas to integrate the lewd stuff haha good job so far!

Great feedback! I like the idea of being able to beat enemies by using LP. Thanks for playing!

I played the demo. This is one of the well polished alphas submitted. I like the game's concept and the cute MC. Also dungeon crawlers are one of the team's favorite game genres. You got something pretty unique, fun, and lewd here; we hope to see more from you! (uwu)

One critique is that hopefully you can give the player the option to run from battle as they can get tedious.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, running from battles will likely be done by using an item or skill.