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18+ Only! This game is NSFW!

Development version 2. Please note you may run into bugs.

This is a first person dungeon crawler. Fight monsters, collect items, avoid traps and power up!


Movement - WASD/Arrow keys, Q and E to strafe

Use items - number keys.

Confirm - Spacebar/Enter

X - Wait

Open menu/Cancel - ESC/Backspace

Your save files will not work with this new version since their format has changed.

Version 2 Change Log:

  • Added 8 new enemies to encounter (1 boss).
  • Added moving enemies to the maps.
  • Added more maps and a new area.
  • Added new items and weapons, as well as equip slots for both.
  • Added a wait command by pressing X
  • Strafing added with Q and E keys
  • Having high LP now has a chance to make your non lewd attacks fail and debuff you, normal LP based moves will still reduce LP when failed.
  • Minimap added, you will need to step on tiles to reveal it, but you can check the map completion % of the current map to see if you've been everywhere.
  • New upgrades added, these will appear on the level up list as you learn skills.
  • While stuck in a trap, you will now be given a prompt to be released once it's done dealing damage.
  • Added the status ailments sleep and confused. sleep will make you miss a turn, confused will give your attacks a chance to miss.
  • Lewd stance will now generate much more LP with a cap of 50. It was much too dangerous to stay in and should be more useful if you're in a pinch for LP. There is also a new skill that will remove the defense penalty.
  • First Aid cost increased and the amount of HP recovered from regen has been reduced.
  • Selected stance will no longer reset after each battle.


More information

Published113 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreRole Playing
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer


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Pretty cool game, cute visuals, nice concept for balancing the LP. didn't play it that long, is this complete?

Wish there was some "negative" lingering effect, that would be a nice touch.

Thanks! No it's not complete, I'm actively working on it. I'm doing a lot of rebalancing and adding something akin to a negative effect that you're suggesting for the next update.

This is great. I saw this featured on lewd gamer and got interested! Love the cute artstyle and can't wait to see if you expand more on this, gameplay is fun and there are many enemies and different approachable tactics. Great work! ^^

Thanks so much!

Digging this game so far! Just came here to post that I seem to have found a spot out of bounds:

I took a pic while turning to show some context. I think it was on the third floor down?

Yeah, I see it, just fixed it and it seems to be only that one tile so no biggie. It should be fine in later builds.

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Impressive gameplay depth! Lewdest Labyrinth is the final and longest-covered lewdjam game in my video about it:

(Edited 1 time)

I really just want to say that I played a little bit ago, didn't have an account at the time but I have on now (cause it's soooo much easier to find games and watch for updates this way) and I loved your game. (The rest is just me adding to the discussion I read from earlier comments.)

I noticed others mentioned something about running from battle, and they're right the battles can get tedious but how about instead of running from battle with a skill the skill triggers a sex scene and consume all LP (requiring 50+ to use or some such) but has some sort of detrimental effect, if combined with the other idea I saw where too high lp becomes detrimental it could actually lower maximum LP for a certain amount of time, making it easier to hit that limit while reducing the amount you have to use. It'd be kinda cool to see a game where even your ability to flee from combat has to actually be thought about rather than just spamming it. Also it's something perhaps eh I don't know if its cliche or not but it'd be cool to see some kind of persistent effect if you run into tentacle traps too many times, like persistent tentacles that might distract in combat but might allow some sort of benefit at the same time.

Just throwing out ideas here feel free to ignore and all ^_^ Your game is awesome even in alpha state and I can't wait to see what else happens in this!

Hey! Thanks for the comment, glad you like the game.

I'm still working on a way to handle running from battle, it may end up being a skill, not sure yet. I'm working on another version so check the blog for updates! I post progress there.


Just finished streaming the demo tonight. My fans loved it! Would love to help you promote this or in anyway make this see the finished product! My youtube channel. Hit me up! https://www.youtube.com/user/NSFWGamerVids

Amazing work its awesome!

That's awesome! Thanks so much. I'm surprised you were able to stream something with lewd content. Watching you play actually helped me figure out some things I need to change.

Best way to help right now is to spread the word so I can get more feedback to improve the game.

Consider it done :) and let me know when you got some more concrete beta of the game and send it over. Il give it a full review and plug! Amazing work!

This demo was fun! I think this is a good base for you guys to work on for the future. I think the lewd concept could be more explored too. Like while LP can be used for special attacks, but if it gets too high, then you have to spend a turn to masturbate or something so you have to careful to not have enemies increase your LP to fast. It could even be a status like poison where you constantly gain LP from an aphrodisiac or something. Another idea might be to have enemies be able to be defeated by too much LP so if you taunted enough they would be left in a horny state that the player can then trigger a sex scene with. Just some ideas to integrate the lewd stuff haha good job so far!

Great feedback! I like the idea of being able to beat enemies by using LP. Thanks for playing!

I played the demo. This is one of the well polished alphas submitted. I like the game's concept and the cute MC. Also dungeon crawlers are one of the team's favorite game genres. You got something pretty unique, fun, and lewd here; we hope to see more from you! (uwu)

One critique is that hopefully you can give the player the option to run from battle as they can get tedious.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, running from battles will likely be done by using an item or skill.